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    News — Herschel Supply

    Herschel Forecast Line

    Herschel Apparel

    Herschel Supply introduces the Forecast Collection of durable rainwear essentials for Fall 2017. 

    Featuring a refined selection of thoughtfully designed Men’s and Women’s hooded silhouettes, this outdoor offering utilizes a coated waterproof stretch fabric with welded critical seams for maximum protection.
    The timeless Men’s Hooded Coach jacket is detailed with a snap-button closure and drawcord hemline, while the Parka offers a rainwear take on an outdoor staple. The two Women’s pieces include the practical Poncho pullover and snap-front Parka, both of which provide durable wet-weather coverage, while still maintaining comfort and a flattering fit.

    Men’s Forecast sizes range from Small to Extra Large, with a Women’s size run of Extra Small to Large.
    Available in various colors, prints and bold color-blocking options, each piece is finished with a mesh yoke across the back for ventilation, and subtle signature details, including the apparel-specific branded nickel hemline eyelet and a heat-pressed internal classic label.

    The Forecast Line is available in the best stores in the country and on the website at the price of € 84.99.

    Herschel Headwear

    Herschel Headwear

    The Headwear its a must from a lifestyle brand.

    As a product that is not expensive sometimes it is the first product that an average consumer buys from a brand and start to get in touch with the brand, like the iPod for Apple.
    Not many years ago wearing a hat or a beanie was almost a code. By the brand or just by the way that someone was wearing it you could identify someone routes. Nowadays it's totally different, for the fact you have the same hat it doesn't mean you have the same background in terms of brands, music, sports, culture.

    Headwear Herschel

    Regarding the Herschel Brand the headwear category it's strong and consistent. From the Gore-Tex collection to the basic trucker the line is very complete in terms of styles, colors, and materials... Snapbacks, 5 Pannels, 6 Pannels or even the Buck Hats. Regarding the logos, they differ from style to style from low profile to more commercial.


    Headwear Herschel Alternative!

    Like the other categories, there is many styles more alternatives and exclusives made from wall, canvas or polyester.
    As we are talking about Herschel the color pallet and the patterns are always innumerous.
    Last but not leat the beanies collection follows the same rule, different styles, colors, and materials are offered specially for Fall/Winter Collections

    Have a look at the collection of Herschel Headwear and see the details and you will be stuck!

    Herschel studio Headwear

    Herschel Aspect Line

    Herschel Aspect Line

    Modern - The Herschel Aspect Line!

    Modern Interpretation it's the appropriate words to describe the Herschel Aspect Line.
    As the other line, the color option is not big as it stands for a differentiation and exclusivity into the market.
    The biggest highlight it's the perforated panels.
    The category is more Streetwear and Urban Culture oriented than the others lines from Herschel.
    The logo is not the classic logo, it's cleaner and smaller, it's different from the original one and it speaks to the urban consumer.

    The Herschel Aspect Line Models

    Like the Offset line, the Aspect line has the iconic Herschel styles like the Little America, the Pop Quiz, the Heritage, the Settlement and the Novel.
    In addition to the backpacks and duffles, the line is completed with accessories like the Charlie and the Wallet Roy.
    In few words, if you live, work and breath the city this can easily be your Herschel line. 

    Herschel Aspect  Herschel aspect


    Herschel Trail Line

    Herschel Trail

    How emerged the Herchel Trail line

    Inspired by the Sport and the feeling of being in the nature Herschel has created the Trail Collection.
    This is the more technical line created by Herschel, described as design-driven and having a good technical performance and a modern product that you can wear in a modern environment.
    This is the only line that has own styles, and not reinvented from the classics line.
    The styles are always released in 3 different colors and a big point of difference is the fabrics because as the products are water resistant they are made with Nylon with a 1500mmm coating and have Cordura material on the base for adding resistance.

    The Herschel Trail Line is different! 

    The silhouettes are very alternative due to the materials but we will find always the sleeve for Laptop. In some of the styles, we can even pull off a wind cover to protect the bag from the Rain.

    The Logo is also unique and is made to give a more tech feel of the product matching the digital revolution that we are facing.
    Below the Backpacks, we can also find hip sacks and weekend duffles in the line.

    It's definitely a Product that we can wear on daily basis or for a Great adventure in the Mountains.



    Herschel Trail                             Herschel Trail

    Henrique Pereira

    Herschel Offset Line

    Herschel Offset Line

    Herschel has gone further with the classics with the Offset Line
    The Offset is made for the consumer that is looking for details or more exclusive patterns and colors.

    The Herschel Line Offset

    The line is more elegant and a big highlight is the details in premium veggie tan. We can find it on the straps and the pullover zips.

     Not as like the Herschel Studio collection we cant find specific models, we find Little America, Retreat, Dawson, Heritage, Novel or the City and some of them even in mid-volume sizes.

    Another important characteristic of the Herschel Offset collection it is the stripes that we find on the products and the line is every season presented in 2 colors.

    More About the Herschel Offset Line

    All the styles with the offset touch become more elevated and exclusive, something that the Herschel Brand always stand for in every single category

    If you don´t want anymore your Herschel Backpack in a basic color you have with the Offset Line a great option!

        Herschel OffsetHerschel Offset

    Henrique Pereira