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    News — Vans Shoes

    Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational - Portugal

    Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational - Portugal

    É com muito entusiasmo que vos anunciamos que Portugal, nomeadamente a Ericeira na praia de Ribeira d'Ilhas, irá receber o primeiro Vans Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational, entre os dias 16 e 19 de Maio.

    Este é um evento que pretende incluir toda a comunidade e que procura quebrar as barreiras habituais entre atletas e publico, através da música, arte, surf e muita partilha de ideias. O formato do Vans Duct Tape foi idealizado pelo proprio Joel Tudor e é, sobretudo, uma celebração do surf e shaping na sua vertente mais criativa e autêntica.  



    House of Vans

    House of Vans

    The House of Vans has been created with the purpose of bringing together the underground cultures, by putting in place a local where these urban tribes could get together. 

    There are 3 House of Vans globally that brings the “ Off the Wall Spirit “, one in Brooklyn - NY, another in Chicago and in London for Europe.
    Its very common to see Art exhibitions, Music Concerts, workshops and BMX and Skate sessions.

    Even if someone is not into BMX or Skate everybody is welcome at House of Vans where the entry is free and there always something going one.

    In addition of the Indoor SkatePark, there are other galleries where are decorated with pieces of Vans history like iconic models and photos.

    When you are inside of one of the House of Vans you can smell and feel the vibe of the underground culture and see how it is magical this place.

    If you have the chance or pass by please visit one of the  House of Vans and feel this story of this iconic brand with more than 50 years.



    House of Vans
    Brooklyn - 25 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA

    House of Vans Brooklyn


    Chicago -  113 N Elizabeth St., Chicago, USA

    House of Vans Chicago


    London - Arches, 228-232 Station Approach Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8SW, UK

    House of Vans London

    History of Vans


    This story has begun 51 years ago, in 1966, when the Van Dorean brothers have decided to create in Anaheim city in California the Van Dorean Rubber Company 

    This company was pioneer as the shoes were sold in someplace where they were made.
    The first shoes to be made had the name Vans#44. This style later became the Authentic style. The shoes were sold separately so you could shoe different colors in each foot.
    It's obvious that Vans has started to become very popular among skateboarders and were spread in south California.
    In 1976 2 of the famous “ Lords of Dogtown “, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta have joined Vans to develop the style Vans#95, later know as the Era. This style is an authentic that is reinforced and started to have colors combined instead of a unique color.
    One year later Vans release the Vans#36, today the Vans Old Skool with the side stripe. The side stripe was a design from Paul Van Dorean, that had a Jazz Stripe as the original name.
    In the classic path, the next to come was the Vans#98 very popular among skaters and BMX riders, today the classic slip-on.
    This successful start of Vans made that in the late 70`s that Vans was selling all over the world.
    Thinking about the skaters that were invading luxury houses to skate in the empty pools Vans has developed the Style#38, nowadays the Vans Sk8 Hi
    During the 80s Vans has surpassed a very difficult period In terms of financial crisis but never have downgraded the product quality
    In this period Vans started to manufacture Textile and Accessories again by listening to the demand of the skaters.
    The Snowboard Boots was a natural category expansion from the fact of being so connected with surf, skate, and BMX.
    Punk Rock was the next association as skaters were going to music underground concerts and Bands were wearing Vans in a natural way. This is the spirit of the actual House of Vans as it was made to put together the underground spirit where everybody could have fun.
    Wearing a pair of Vans it's about bringing a history with you and its a question of attitude not just about being fashion
    This is way the ironic phrase “ Off the Wall “ as during your life you need to be “ Off the Wall “ and to respect your individual. 
    In addition, Vans has always built Free Skateparks and organized alternative music concerts as the famous Vans Warped Tour
    Nowadays Vans represents much more than a tribe and the underground movement.
    Vans its is represented in many segments as Streetwear and Fashion Lifestyle, putting in place collabs with other brands or specific lines as “ Vault “ Collection, the most premium collection just represented in few stores worldwide
    Everywhere Vans has just become a reference in the market!