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    Herschel Back To School 2020

    Herschel Back To School 2020

    Finally one of the most awaited moments of the year has arrived!

    Back to school is there! And of course Herschel will not let you down, with countless options for backpacks, wallets and accessories we decided to give the deserved prominence to two stars of the company here at home!

    We obviously talk about the Classic XLarge backpack and the Settlement Case, The Classic Xlarge is the ideal backpack for back to school, with its 15 ”laptop sleeve and the outer side bags, it is mainly through its minimalist design and colors / prints original and “fresh” that makes the difference to the other backpacks on the market.

    To make the perfect “pandan” not to forget the Settlement case, a “clean” case enough to make you stand out in the classroom and draw the attention of those you always wanted! The Settlement case will be your 20/21 academic year ice breaker, and you will certainly live together adventures to remember later!

    Herschel Settlement Case

    You can access these and other Herschel products at the usual points of sale as well as on our website at:

    Birds Of Herschel - Collection

    Birds of Herschel

    Herschel is celebrating its 10th anniversary! And to mark it in style, it presents an incredibly beautiful line of its name Birds Of Herschel!


    Birds of Herschel


    Birds of Herschel is a print originally made by the creative director - Sung Lee - and colored in watercolors by his mother. More familiar than that was impossible. Birds Of Herschel is undoubtedly a collector line and for true Herschel fans!

    With incredible details such as the handles of the leather fasteners, and the stripes of Little america too, it is inside that is the best surprise in a commemorative patch for the 10 years with the phrase “Ten years flew by”.

    Birds of Herschel
    Available in 3 Colorways
    - Natural Birds (Beige)
    - Dark Green Birds (Green)
    - Peacoat Birds (Blue)

    For this collection, iconic brand silhouettes such as Litlle America, Heritage, Nova Mini and the Classic Duffle Novel were selected!

    For those who are more fans of small accessories you can also find Birds at Cruz or Fifteen!

    This will be a collection that will stay forever in the brand and that any Lifestyle enthusiast should have.

    You can check this collection at the selected Herschel points of sale (Contact us to find out which ones) or on our website at:

    Herschel Fall 2020

    Herschel Outono Inverno 2020

    In the year that celebrates 10 years since its first collection, there are many and incredible news that Herschel presents us!
    From collaborations, to new models going through different materializations, there is so much new to know, the hard part is knowing where to start!

    For Lifestyle and streetwear fans in general something who are always anxious and in expectation are undoubtedly collaborations, we have seen brands reaching very high levels of Hype and becoming Lifestyle icons based on the incredible collaborations they are capable of doing.

    For Fall 20 Herschel presents the usual partnerships with Santa Cruz and Independent (who are already part of the family), and offers a treat to all Disney fans with a modern interpretation of the iconic Mickey character, without forgetting the past.

    Herschel Mickey

    As 10 years are not celebrated every day! ... Herschel made a collection to mark this date in an unforgettable way, one of the most beautiful prints we have ever seen of the brand available in 3 colors. Natural, Green and Blue. We talk about Birds of Herschel, a print originally made by the creative director - Sung Lee - and colored in watercolors by his mother. More familiar than that was impossible. Birds Of Herschel is undoubtedly a collector line and for true Herschel fans!

    Also welcome new members of the family! Introducing Miller and Bennett!

    Herschel Miller

    In the case of Miller, we talk about a clean and practical backpack due to the two upper handles that allow a very practical opening or transport of the Backpack, perfect for day-to-day and adventures in the city with 32L becomes one of the backpacks with greater capacity of Herschel under the slogan “Bring Everything”.

    Herschel Bennet

    Bennett is undoubtedly the Duffle with the biggest tidiness we had the opportunity to experience, made for long weekends or even a mini vacation, organizers and compartments are not lacking in this 50L duffle.

    Finally, highlight some new colors such as the vibrant Pumpkin Spice, or the new super fancy Coyote, Eden and Deco Rose Slub material, with cotton infusions giving a careful touch to the accessories, without forgetting the Ripstop that are more and more Trendy.

    For all these reasons and many others that are certainly passing us by, Herschel's Fall 2020 collection promises to be one of the best ever, you can check it from now on the usual Herschel points of sale or on our website at:

    Herschel Outono Inverno 2020

    Herschel Ripstop

    Herschel Ripstop

    Para a nova estação de Fall / Winter a Herschel introduziu uma nova materialização!
    Trata-se do "Ripstop", o ripstop é um tecido feito de nylon que usa uma técnica de reforço especial que o torna resistente a rasgos.

    Para além desta especificidade técnica bastante útil, o ripstop é hoje em dia um tipo de materialização bastante na moda entre a comunidade streetwear e lifestyle, sendo possível observar a sua presença em casacos, calças ou mesmo calções, e agora com o selo de qualidade da Herschel também nos acessórios.

    Herschel Ripstop

    É possível encontrar o Ripstop em duas opções o Periscope Ripstop (Em tonalidades acinzentadas ou o Blanc de Blanc Risptop / Black (num incrível contraste branco e preto).

    Herschel Ripstop

    Podes descobrir esta novidade Herschel nos pontos de venda habituais ou no nosso site em:

    Herschel the Blue Mirage Crosshatch Color

    Herschel the Blue Mirage Crosshatch Color

    This season Herschel introduced a new crosshatch - The Blue Mirage Crosshatch.

    It is, as the name suggests, a very “light” and clean blue, which transmits a very positive vibration. Ideal for this time of year, this new crosshatch is an excellent alternative to the already classic colors like black, gray and of course blue!

    You can find it at the usual Herschel outlets as well as on our website at: