Herschel Travel Accessories

Herschel Travel Accessories

Nowadays travel has become one of the favorite pastimes of all generations! We no longer need to wait for vacations to book a trip to a European capital. With the arrival of low cost airlines for a few euros we managed to spend a weekend at one of these destinations in the blink of an eye!

The term "travel" and everything that revolves around it has thus gained a significant dimension and importance, there are thousands of flights per hour and a giant traffic in the airports. To think about all this Herschel has developed a specific line of travel accessories, ranging from neck cushions, earplugs, travel wallets travel adaptors among many others ... in short, everything you can imagine and associate with a utensil of trip (either during the flight, or while we are on the spot) Herschel has developed.

With a packing that will not leave anyone indifferent were available three colorways Blue / Red, Black and Gray.

Herschel Acessórios de Viagem

You can find all this line in the usual Herschel physical points of sale (Do not forget to see in the airports in Portugal if you´re travel!!) as well as in our site:



Herschel Acessórios Viagem