Herschel Athletics Supply

Herschel Athletics Supply

Inspired by streetwear and sports with a strong lifestyle component such as Basketball, Herschel has developed a specific line for its lovers, we speak of the Athletics line.

With bright colors, big logos and an accentuated branding, both backpacks and accessories (Crossbodies or Duffles) will certainly attract the attention of those who pass by them on their way to training, skatepark or playground.


Herschel Atheletics Supply


Designed for an active youth who does not like to be at home, but to make the most of the power of their day, the athletics line blends in perfectly with its owner, becoming part of your daily outfit easily.

In this line there is an exclusive backpack - the Kaine -, as well as a carryall sutton (duffle) with the compartment made to measure for the basket ball, and an Alder with more compartments than normal.

You can find this line exclusively at the Son Of A Gun store in Lisbon or on our website at: