Herschel Back To School 2020

Herschel Back To School 2020

Finally one of the most awaited moments of the year has arrived!

Back to school is there! And of course Herschel will not let you down, with countless options for backpacks, wallets and accessories we decided to give the deserved prominence to two stars of the company here at home!

We obviously talk about the Classic XLarge backpack and the Settlement Case, The Classic Xlarge is the ideal backpack for back to school, with its 15 ”laptop sleeve and the outer side bags, it is mainly through its minimalist design and colors / prints original and “fresh” that makes the difference to the other backpacks on the market.

To make the perfect “pandan” not to forget the Settlement case, a “clean” case enough to make you stand out in the classroom and draw the attention of those you always wanted! The Settlement case will be your 20/21 academic year ice breaker, and you will certainly live together adventures to remember later!

Herschel Settlement Case

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