Herschel Waist Bags and Crossbody

Herschel Waist Bags and Crossbody

It is true! Summer has arrived .. and with it begin the music festivals, sunsets and of course the evening parties at the beach bar! 
It is also a fact that no one wants to carry large backpacks or go super loaded for this type of programs and so even the waist bags or tiracole are our best friends on these occasions! 

Herschel has practically a collection of only this kind of accessories but some deserve our attention! It's time for us to introduce you to Fourteen, Seventeen and the Cross! These will be your best friends during the summer.
If you are looking for something simple just to save the phone, home keys and wallet the Fourteen has the ideal format for you !, without large compartments and a small size becomes super practice. 

Herschel Bolsas de Cintura e Crossbody

Seventeen features two pouches and has a Keyclip to hold the keys to avoid getting lost, the Keyclip comes in the front pocket that has a waterproof zip closure.

Bolsas de Cintura e Crossbody

If you are more practical to the tiracole bag then the right option for you will be the Cruz, it also has more compartments, and storage options.
One thing is sure, any of these accessories will satisfy your needs to the fullest and accompany you this summer, the stories are among you.