Herschel City Backpack

Herschel City Backpack

The City of Herschel backpack is perhaps the strangest thing that the common and original, perhaps because this backpack does not go unnoticed on the back of its owners.

With a square shape and an "envelope" type aperture, the City has a very practical open mode with only a "handle" with the magnet cover, unlike most other Herschel city "handles" the City does not have the cord to tighten the backpack.

Quite simple and practical for day-to-day life, this backpack has two divisions, the main one, and the other with a zip file practically the size of the main one to store some things with greater security.

This backpack is undoubtedly an excellent bet for those looking for something quite simple for their routine and at the same time original!

Dimensions: 35,56cm (H) x 32,39cm (W) x 8,89cm (D), 10,5L