Herschel Night Camo

Herschel Night Camo

For fans of Camouflage prints, Herschel now offers a new option, Reinventing the classic camouflage, Night Camo now appears, more clean and low profile than the classic Woodland Camo, this proposal will certainly fill the measurements not only of who is "camo lover" ”, But also from any Streetwear / Lifestyle fan!

Night Camo is available in practically all models of backpacks, duffles and wallets making it a very consistent option in this collection!

Herschel Night Camos

In fact if you like camouflage but are a little tired of the troop green tint this suggestion is perfect, if you don't like camouflage at all, because this is the ideal time to rethink your position!

You can find it at the usual Herschel outlets or on our website at: https://www.transmission.com.pt/search?q=night+camo