Herschel Small Accessories

Herschel Small Accessories

Small accessories are more and more a trend, because in addition to being essential and functional these days, they complete more and more Lifestyle outfits.

We talk about things like Waist Bags, Wallets or even necessaires, they all became part of our wardrobes when we finally realized their usefulness, and in the case of Herschel it is also impossible to remain indifferent to their colors and prints that greatly enhance them!

Whether on a day-to-day basis, or for a weekend or road trip, small accessories are our number 1 allies! In order to make life easier for you, let's leave some suggestions of essential accessories to improve your daily life!

Oscar RFID Painted Palm – 27.99€

Herschel Pequenos Acessorios Oscar

Cruz Blazing Orange – 34.99€

Chapter Connect Navy Red – 37.99€



Herschel's small accessories are available at the usual Herschel outlets as well as our website at: transmission.com.pt/collections/herschel-pequenos-acessorios