Herschel Premium Leather Womens

Herschel Premium Leather Womens

For this season there is a novelty totally dedicated to girls ... Herschel presents its premium leather capsule!

Composed by Orion! Orion is divided into several forms ...

  • Orion Backpack (two sizes):
  • Orion Belt
  • Orion Wallet
Herschel Premium Leather Mulher


This will be the name that all fans of the brand will fall in love with! Available in 3 colorways - Peacoat, Black and Rosewaater Pastel - These accessories are a must have for true fans of the faashion lifestyle.

The premium leather capsule is a mix between leather and nylon with the Herschel logo engraved on the skin!

You can find this capsule at the usual Herschel outlets or on our website at: https://www.transmission.com.pt/search?q=leather+capsule