Herschel Strand Sprout

Herschel Strand Sprout

For Moms with good taste Herschel created a maternity duffle.

The Strand Sprout is exactly like the bag that the brand had already created however it has added changing diapers as well as several dividers inside the bag which do not exist in the "Classic Strand".

These partitions were made to think of the storage of diapers, wipes, baby bottles ... synthesizing to think of the storage of all the accessories that mothers need.

And as we are talking about Herschel, obviously there are always details that do not leave anyone indifferent. In the case of this Duffle, when we unfold the change of diapers it is possible to read the message "The Future is Yours" with the logo of the brand next ...

Available in various colors and patterns, Herschel reinforces its fun and innovative side with yet another great product. Already available at Herschel Kids points of sale or on our website at https://www.transmission.com.pt.