Herschel T-Shirt

Herschel T-Shirt

With the arrival of the heat our outfits begin to ask for the much desired Tshirts!

As Herschel always thinks about the well-being of his family he has developed a line of Tshirts, with various prints and colors!

Herschel T-shirt

Always following the color line of the remaining collection you can find the famous apricot brandy, the classic navy or the informal Bright White!

Among the prints are clear the classic logo of the brand, as well as a line developed with the different languages from Arabic, Hebrew to Chinese. There is even the superstar and the most successful has made the "Sam Classic Logo" features a fun logo of a backpack doll in front with the classic Herschel logo on the back!

Herschel T-ShirtHerschel T-Shirt

With a Nec Tag made in the Tshirt itself so as not to become uncomfortable the Herschel T-shirt line deserves the special attention of all of us!

You can find them at the usual points of sale or at: