Herschel Voyage Line

Herschel Voyage Line

In additional of the Forecast Line, Herschel presents another subcategory in the Jackets line - The Voyage.

The Voyage it's a windbreaker line, resistant to the wind, lightweight and water resistant.
The material is nylon ripstopt and they can be stored in a small pocket that is specially included, that makes the line packable.

Herschel with the voyage line is capable to achieve once more the urban style with a “welltraveled“ feeling. This is a very useful product on a daily basis or to travel.

For Men, there are 3 different styles: The classic streetwear “ Coach Jacket “ without hoodie and with push buttons, the Anorak with the Kanguru pocket and the Wind with a zipper and a hoodie.
In additional this 3 styles combine prints and solid colors.

For Girls, the Herschel Voyage line is presented with 2 styles, the wind, same style as men's but with a women's fit and the ‚Äúponcho‚ÄĚ, very easy to dress and undress with front pockets and a hoodie.

As attention to details is constant in Herschel products in the line you will find small details as the left down eyelet with the Herschel name and the tag with the Herschel logo in the inside pocket to pack the jacket.

Herschel Voyage jackets are available both offline in the best Portuguese stores and online here at www.transmssion.com.pt