The Black Friday

The Black Friday

Black Friday is an American tradition that consists of big discounts on the last Friday of November, coinciding with the beginning of Christmas shopping!

In Europe this Fashion / Tradition took a long time to come, excluding London, which was one of the first European cities to join the madness of discounts, the others only recently started to announce Black Friday campaigns, especially the physical stores that had no alternative due to the force. "Black Friday" on Online.

Black Friday has gained so much force that most establishments have begun to extend promotions also on the following Saturday and Sunday, and lately there are even those who start Black Friday the day before or even Black Week, with promotions going up. having its heyday this Friday!

Herschel Black Friday

It is also a tradition for video and meme sharing on the Internet to mark this date with references to consumerism, such as people running over or fighting for the best seat in line or the best product in store.

For all this mediation Black Friday is one of the main events of the month of November, and Prenatal.

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