Bottled - Winter all bottled up!

Projecto de Alex Botelho team rider da Vans Europa com o Artista Algarvio Vasco Valadas que vai fazer muita tinta correr.

Aqui fica a descrição feita pelo Vasco.


Portugal has vast array of waves, and this winter we were on our tip toes for each swell. Vasco who filmed and edited bubbled his way along for every last minute departure as we drove my car to an elderly age, rusting and sagging away prematurely. It only left us stranded once... In the middle of the night before the biggest swell of the year stranded on a highway... We spent the night pushing the car to arrive at the beach at 7am straight into the water. Made the adventure that much more memorable.
Let me remind you that anything you do in Portugal is accompanied by a bottle of wine, so this is a glimpse on the inside of that bottle that rolled with us the whole time."

By: Vasco Valadas

Aditonal Footage:
Hugo Almeida
Joana Duarte
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Special Thanks:
Octávio Lourenço
Tiago Oliveira
Hugo Vau