Appleton and friends had an amazing adventure with the folks over at Rhythm.

Take the plunge and read the story below!


Story By Mike Lay
Photography by Nick Pumphrey 
Surfers : Mike Lay, Diogo Appleton, Matt Travis, Jack Whitefield

" Amongst the chaos of a Cornish summer a group of surfers, shapers, film-makers and photographers managed to free up a week and dash north to Scotland. Each busy with work there was no waiting for the perfect swell, wind or tide, charts were cast aside to be replaced by hope and adventure. After the length of mainland Great Britain was travelled, and a little further, the group got down to the real business of exploration. Dirt tracks were driven to flat water beaches, camps set up on cliff sides and waterfalls swum in. Warm days were greeted with bare feet and t-shirts, night time cold driven out by thick jumpers and jackets. Low tide sandbanks were surfed on long boards, chest high peelers and peaks at sunset. A bottle of whiskey was shared around a midnight fire, while a slither of light lingered on the horizon. Solitude was sought and solitude was found, a group of friends discovered beauty in the land of the midnight dusk. "

"Driving to the Outer Hebrides takes a while, a windswept network of islands with the possibility of decent waves and views for miles.

Its about a 17 hour commute from our Cornish waters, pretty far, but after an over night drive coupled with a few caramel lattes we where there, staring out through the van window as the vast Scottish landscape drifts past, blanketed in green fields, steep hills, hefty rocks and the odd scent of cow shit, all the ingredients for a good camping trip.

We were lucky most days, getting clear skies and fun little waves, it doesn’t get dark until about 12pm and then rises again at about 5am, its good, i brought along a few differant cameras so it became dangerously easy to rattle off a few rolls of film."



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