As I was driving in the hire car in excruciating pain, i‚Äôm thinking how am I going to do this? Off comes Asher with his quiver of rad boards, he was a super chilled at our first meeting in person. I‚Äôm thinking in the car how am I going to tell him, I had to make an appointment to see an Orthopaedic surgeon in one hour to see what he was going to say. I told him in passing ‚Äúoh yea I kinda buggered my back yesterday‚ÄĚ AP was cruisy as, he then goes ‚Äúbinny while we‚Äôre waiting?‚ÄĚ it was then I knew we had picked the right guy to go on this expedition with. Nearly one man down on a two man expedition we polished off our tallies and drove to the hospital, an hour & a cortisone injection later, I‚Äôm back at the car and found Asher drinking a warm Heineken from under the seat from a night we had a few nights before, he was already getting well acquainted with Indo.
Asher Pacey Rhythm Livin