Brixton & Hard Luck Friendly Union

We’re proud to team up with Hard Luck on a special collection of apparel and headwear.

Founded by Brixton’s Jason Jessee, Hard Luck makes high performance skateboard bearings and accessories and works with a stacked team of riders including veterans Mark Gonzales and Neil Blender as well as Brixton Union riders Kenny Anderson, Dolan Stearns, Jake Reuter and Jordan Taylor.

The Brixton & Hard Luck Friendly Union includes a bomber inspired canvas jacket, a custom plaid flannel and two different tees. The collection also includes a custom felt hat and heavyweight knit beanie, available in three colors. Each product features custom Brixton & Hard Luck graphics and details by artist Necalli. Go Fast.

Video by Schmitty, Richie Valdez, Sam Zentner, Devin Briggs & Bob Hoste