Vans Shop Riot Portugal Recap

Portugal’s Vans Shop Riot was insane, and the shops participating were next level.

It all went down this past Saturday the 2nd Of July at the Parque das Geracois skatepark in Cascais (Lisbon). The park is amazing and well-liked by any skater that tries it. Tribus Urbanas, Carsportif, Lowcall, Ericeira, Bana, Pop and Twin Tails were the 7 shops competing for a slot in the European finals that will take place in September.

The skating was gnarly from the beginning and we saw plenty of magic on the course, Ericeira´s Afonso Nery with a huge gap to noseblunt slide & Bana´s Twins destroying the entire park. Ruben Rodriguez from Carsportif with humongous treflips switch or normal. Actually the most intense battle of the day was without a doubt Carsportif vs Ericeira, both teams were incredibly consistent and the judges had a real hard decision calling it, but at the end Carsportif would slide by to the finals, as well as Bana, and Pop, the local skate shop team.

It was a real close call between Carsportif and Bana however the latter local shop from Oeiras would come up victorious as they successfully hit the big rail sections on a consistent basis.

Pedro Roseiro from the winning team took the best trick of the day with a mind boggling Nollie backside heel over a giant rail.

So wrapping things up, Portugal now has its competitor for this year’s finals. Will Bana be the 2016 European Shop Riot’s winner? We´ll just have to wait and see.