Herschel Delta

Herschel Delta

Herschel has introduced a new line in your family!

The Delta Line follows the trend of the previous Aspect, blending an urban style developed for everyday use.

One of the most spectacular factors of the Delta line is that all models have camouflaged details and a monochrome logo, giving a very unique look to backpacks.

Herchel Delta

Released in 3 colors - Black, Dark Olive and Medieval Blue - All of them complement the Tonal Camo, something that is only possible to find in this line.

Included in this line are the existing Classic XL and Thompson, as well as an exclusive novelty!!

Herschel Delta

The new 33L Buckingham backpack is a mix of Little America with Dawson, and something else that is impossible to decipher and makes it unique! Herschel also has a Duffle - Novel - and a Strand XL for everything to be complete, as well as wallets.

Already available at regular retailers or on our website at: https://www.transmission.com.pt/collections/herschel-delta