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    Transmission© began as an idea, a combination of thoughts & hopes and ultimately, a combination of brands that come together to create a unique concept.

    Transmission is a natural evolution for our brands, a stage of personal statement, allowing us to share our legacy, our essence.

    Take a look at your clock.
    Every passing second turns you into something new, a new individual, constantly transmitting waves of ideas, thoughts & experiences.

    We want to channel those experiences through our own channels.
    We don’t think of ourselves as a store or a company, we’re something else. We’re the essence present in every experience we offer. We are a skate. We are surf. We are Bmx. We are Music. We are Art.

    We are a statement, created by a multitude of experiences and this is our way of broadcasting that statement.
    Have something to say? Throw us an email at! We’re always listening!