Herschel Studio Line

Herschel Studio Line

If there is something that we have to get used with Herschel its Options to choose !!! 

Could be Different silhouettes, patterns, colors or materials.There is an option for every consumer even for those who seek exclusive products.

Following this idea, Herschel has created alternative lines besides the Classic Line. The STUDIO LINE is one of this very important lines, manufactured with unique and different materials and very design driven.

Herschel Studio and Your Selections

In the collection, we can find silhouettes from the classics line Little America and the Dawson plus specific styled added like the Ruskin that it is and a hybrid between the Heritage and the Settlement.


Normally every style is offered in 3 different colors and the studio line it's composed of 2 categories: Tarpaulin and Polycoat.

The Ploycoat material is water resistant and the Tarpaulin it the top material that is 100% water resistant and has a very nice and different look.
In both materials, Herschel offers also a line of accessories with the Chapter (Travel Necessaire) and the Novel (Duffle  Bag)
The Herschel STUDIO line as offered in every new season during the year we can always find fresh colors and newness in the selected shops.


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Henrique Pereira