Refund Policy

Our return policy is 21 days. If 21 days have passed since your purchase, unfortunately, we will not be able to make an exchange or return.
In order to be able to exchange, your product should not be used and should be in the same conditions that received it. It should also be in the original box.
Gift cards and promotional codes are products that can not be returned or exchanged.
To complete your exchange, you will need to submit the receipt for your purchase.
Please do not return your purchase to us before completing the return process.

Once the product has been received and inspected, we will send you an e-mail informing you that the product has been received and inspected. We will also inform you of the approval/rejection of your return request.
If your order is approved, your return will be processed, and a transfer will be made to your original credit card or payment method within 30 days.

Returns not received or received late.
If you have not received your return, please check your bank account first.
The next step is to contact your bank, it may take some time for your return to be officially processed.
If you have completed all these steps and have not received your return, please contact us at

Discount Products
In the case of discount products no returns will be made, instead, we will give a promotional code with the same value for exchange.

Only damaged or defective products will be exchanged. In case of an exchange for the same product please send an e-mail to

If the product in question was marked as an offer and was sent directly to you, you will receive a gift card of the same value. Once the returned product has been received, a gift card will be sent by e-mail.
If the product is not marked as an offer when purchased, or in case the person who offers to make the order, later to hand it to you, we will return the money to the same person that offers and this will get the money.

All orders placed between November 15 and January 7 have an extended return period of 60 days after the delivery date.