Herschel Aspect Line

Herschel Aspect Line

Modern - The Herschel Aspect Line!

Modern Interpretation it's the appropriate words to describe the Herschel Aspect Line.
As the other line, the color option is not big as it stands for a differentiation and exclusivity into the market.
The biggest highlight it's the perforated panels.
The category is more Streetwear and Urban Culture oriented than the others lines from Herschel.
The logo is not the classic logo, it's cleaner and smaller, it's different from the original one and it speaks to the urban consumer.

The Herschel Aspect Line Models

Like the Offset line, the Aspect line has the iconic Herschel styles like the Little America, the Pop Quiz, the Heritage, the Settlement and the Novel.
In addition to the backpacks and duffles, the line is completed with accessories like the Charlie and the Wallet Roy.
In few words, if you live, work and breath the city this can easily be your Herschel line.Ā 

Herschel AspectĀ  Herschel aspect