Herschel Dawson XS Backpack

Herschel Dawson XS Backpack

Herschel's Dawson XS backpack is the one that has won the hearts of girls around the world!

With a very original and feminine shape, with two exterior pockets, the fact that it also has straps like Little America or Retreat makes it easy to identify as a "Herschel Backpack".

Due to its small dimensions, this backpack does not have (as is usual in the Herschel) sleeve for the laptop, however, the Herschel offers a quite valid alternative, and incorporated a specific divider with zip side zip for iPad!

With the classic tag of the small size tag, there is the option to choose the straps in Synthetic leather or Rubber just like in the other models with this closing mechanism.

Available in other lines such as Velvet and with capacity for 13L, this is the backpack that girls will love for a lifetime !!

Dimensions: 34,29cm(H) x 22,22cm(W) x 14,92(D), 13L


Herschel Dawson XS Backpack