Herschel Tile

Herschel Tile

Today when we hear about the Herschel brand we think about technology and innovation, confirming this thinking of the brand's fans and customers, Herschel presents a very significant step in that regard, with the latest collaboration with Tile!

Briefly, the Tile is a small square shaped electronic object that allows you to locate your phone as well as be located by it through an app that can be downloaded for free. Since Herschel has developed for the Tile card holder (Charlie), a Key-Chain, Wallet (Roy), Wallet with a purse (Roy-Coin XL) and also the passport (Search). The Tile collection is presented in Black Pebbled Leather as the only materialization.

The way the Tile works is quite simple and practical, to pair the device with the mobile phone simply access the application and press the Tile to activate it, the phone identifies it and is then ready to use. In the application, we can choose the type of object where the tile is stored (wallet, a key holder for example). Whenever we access the application, it tells us where it located the tile for the last time and tells us the best place to look for the lost object.
Through the application it is possible to activate the Tile's sound alarm, to be easy and quick to locate what we have lost, or if we do not know where we left the phone just double-click the tile and the phone will play through the ringing sound that is chosen in the application.

There is also a Tile community, which means that if there are Tile users around the application identifies them and allows us to for example send information, that we found an object of that user somewhere!

In the background Tile is a great innovation for the distracted who never know where they leave the phone or the keys, who waste 10 minutes every morning looking for the car keys to go to work, or simply for someone who by chance lose your wallet somewhere. We can say that Tile is a global first-aid tool !!

Coming soon in our online store and the usual Herschel retailers.


Herschel Tile