Hip Bag

Hip Bag

In the beginning very popular among the turists, the hip sacks became more and more popular until the latest 90¬īs became one of the icons of the streetwear trend.

As Herschel is a Global and Apparel Brand the hip sacks naturallly were part of the collection since the day one.
The line is composed of 4 styles: The Fifteen (2L), The Sixteen (3.5L), The Seventeen (5L), and the Eighteen (6L).

The Herschel Hip Bags

It's in the seventeen that we find the best selling style and also more lifestyle oriented and more suitable for the everyday routine. We can find the main pocket and a smaller one in front with a waterproof zipper and a key clip chain inside.


The fifteen is the smaller from the line only with 1 main pocket.
On the other side, we have the eighteen wich is the biggest one and more detailed inside of the Herschel classic line. Besides the main compartment, it has 2 front zipper pockets and it is padded on the back to give more comfort when carrying on over the shoulder. Due to its storage capacity can be used for riding a bike or Motorcycle.

Herschel has also the sixteen that is a simple big hip sack that can be used for everyday needs or to travel.

All the 4 styles can be found in all the trend colors and patterns that are merchandised in all the Herschel classic collection.


Hip Bags on Trail


The Hip Sacks are also present in the Herschel special lines like the Trail line. In this line, the hip sacks are made of nylon and are water resistant. 
This line is more for an active consumer but on the fashion side, we can find the Fifteen in Velvet more feminine-oriented.

With the Coming Back of the Streetwear the hip sacks tend to be more and more Popular and Herschel are ready to fit the consumers demand with this line.


 Herschel Hip Bag  Herschel Hip bag

Henrique Pereira