Herschel Headwear

Herschel Headwear

The Headwear its a must from a lifestyle brand.

As a product that is not expensive sometimes it is the first product that an average consumer buys from a brand and start to get in touch with the brand, like the iPod for Apple.
Not many years ago wearing a hat or a beanie was almost a code. By the brand or just by the way that someone was wearing it you could identify someone routes. Nowadays it's totally different, for the fact you have the same hat it doesn't mean you have the same background in terms of brands, music, sports, culture.

Headwear Herschel

Regarding the Herschel Brand the headwear category it's strong and consistent. From the Gore-Tex collection to the basic trucker the line is very complete in terms of styles, colors, and materials...Ā Snapbacks, 5 Pannels, 6 Pannels or even the Buck Hats. Regarding the logos, they differ from style to style from low profile to more commercial.


Headwear Herschel Alternative!

Like the other categories, there is many styles more alternatives and exclusives made from wall, canvas or polyester.
As we are talking about Herschel the color pallet and the patterns are always innumerous.
Last but not leat the beanies collection follows the same rule, different styles, colors, and materials are offered specially for Fall/Winter Collections

Have a look at the collection of HerschelĀ Headwear and see the details and you will be stuck!

Herschel studio Headwear