Herschel Offset Line

Herschel Offset Line

Herschel has gone further with the classics with the Offset Line
The Offset is made for the consumer that is looking for details or more exclusive patterns and colors.

The Herschel Line Offset

The line is more elegant and a big highlight is the details in premium veggie tan. We can find it on the straps and the pullover zips.

Ā Not as like the Herschel Studio collection we cant find specific models, we find Little America, Retreat, Dawson, Heritage, Novel or the City and some of them even in mid-volume sizes.

Another important characteristic of the Herschel Offset collection it is the stripes that we find on the products and the line is every season presented in 2 colors.

More About the Herschel Offset Line

All the styles with the offset touch become more elevated and exclusive, something that the Herschel Brand always stand for in every single category

If you donĀ“t want anymore your Herschel Backpack in a basic color you have with the Offset Line a great option!

Ā  Ā Ā Herschel OffsetHerschel Offset

Henrique Pereira