Herschel Retreat Backpack

Herschel Retreat Backpack

One of Herschel's most iconic backpacks, the Retreat is always a simpler and more economical solution than Little America, keeping the same sleeve in wool (for risk protection and greater cosiness of the laptop), and with the interval of space to the end of the backpack to prevent impacts, the sleeve of the Retreat was made for 15-inch computers.

The Retreat also has an interior pocket, and the outer pocket is a direct pocket without a clasp, however, it is a pocket deep enough to end up giving greater security to the articles stored there.

This backpack has only a strap on each side that closes in the middle of the backpack with Magnet, always in two options - Leather or Rubber -, the Retreat has a clear inspiration in the billboard but nowadays it is very common to see them parade through these cities of the World outside, always with the greatest style!

Dimensions: 43,18cm(H) x 30.48cm(W) x 14,60cm(D), 19,5L


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