Herschel Settlement Backpack

Herschel Settlement Backpack

The Settlement Backpack has one of the most classic forms of backpacks yet there are always details that makes it different from the rest.

The fact that the clasp is "uncovered" causes a much easier opening of the backpack, as well as the contrast in many colorways of the golden clasps with the backpack, is quite appealing and original! The Settlement backpack has a normal cloth sleeve for 15 "Laptops.

Just like the vast majority of the Herschel, a Settlement backpack has a key clip in your front pocket!

This model is part of the classics, but you can find different materializations and different colors in some of Herschel's exclusive collections such as Studio!

With a very affordable price, this can be the introduction piece in the Herschel World !!

Dimensions: 45,72cm(H) x 31,11cm(W) x 13,93cm(D), 21,5L


Herschel Settlement BackpackHerschel Settlement Backpack