Herschel Travel

Herschel Travel

Traveling has been always one of the biggest pleasures of Human Being, sense of the beginning Human has traveled, because of habit or to explore the unknown or for the pleasure of knowing new cultures. It is very common to hear people say that if they had the chance they would always Travel or that traveling is they favorite hobbies.

Herschel Travel 

Saying that it's obvious that Herschel as a global Accessory and Apparel Brand has created the Herschel Travel specific collection targeting those who love to Travel.
To Travel, it is the big inspiration of the designers at Herschel when it comes to design new collections.


Go for the weekend with the accessories with Herschel Travel!

The Herschel Travel Category offers a complete line with Trolleys, hard shell or soft shell, necessaries in the sizes, the chapter carry on and the Chapter or innovations like the four-piece standard issue Travel System, that combines different compartments to storage different items and a tarpaulin bag where you can storage your wet boardshorts or be swimming suit.
The Chapter its a necessaire with one zip front pocket and with an interior compartment divided in 2 by a net with 5l capacity. In addition, the chapter carries on has a 3L capacity and designed for smaller trips like weekends.

Herschel is well known as a detailed brand and the Herschel Trade family is one of the products that better describes what is Herschel detail.
With the hard shell, the exterior built it is ready for impacts that luggage suffers during Trips. Built with 4 wheels it's very easy to carry in every single situation.
Initially developed in 3 sizes, small, medium and large Herschel has developed the Trade Carry on that can be taken into the Cabin Flight in the most of the International Flight Companys.
The Herschel Trade is luggage built in a hard shell but if you prefer you have the option of soft material there is the Herschel Highland style. The Highland is a small size luggage acceptable in most of Flight Companies because has the same capacity as the Trade Carry on, 34 Liters.
If it is a very small trip, like a weekend there is the Herschel Bowen Option. It's a bag that can be carried on in different manners, has 2 outside pockets, 1 zipped and bigger in front and another smaller in the back, than, inside you will find 2 different compartments with zippers. In total 36 Liters of capacity.

This is some of the products that make part of the Herschel Travel Family. The options cover all the needs of the Travelling and colors and patterns are linked with the Backpacks that are completely a new way of wearing high-quality products with style

Do you have already chosen your next destination ??? Luggage will not be a problem at all !!!


Herschel Travel                  Herschel Travel

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