Herschel Travel Holiday

Herschel Travel Holiday

Made thinking who loves to travel Herschel has updated the “Travel Collection“ for the upcoming season.

If you are going back home for Holidays or you are looking for a present with your lifestyle to travel this line make sure that cover your needs.

Available in 4 sizes from the “Carry on“ to “Large“, the popular Trade made in "Hard Shell" is presented in 5 different colors. The new color is the “Ash Rose“.
The Parcel XL is a “soft shell“ and suitable for the long trips, with different hand bars to make it easy for your travel journey.

The Bowen and the Parcel complete the luggage line and they are duffles, great for weekends or small trips.

To complete the Herschel Travel Line there are several small accessories to make your trip more enjoyable and stylish. There is the “Standart issue Travel System“, a 3 pack of compartments with different sizes and a roll zip bag made in tarpaulin, 100% waterproof, for your wet boardshorts.
Last but not Least there is the very popular chapter (necessaire), now also available in a smaller size, the chapter carry on.

The all line has been renovated with new colors and patterns like the “Windsor Wine Grid“, the “Brindle Parlour“ and the “Black mini Floral“ pattern.